Bayandiza's County - I Like The Bayandiza In You.

A great restaurant

This has got to be the best chinese restaurant in Stockholm. It's really amazing and the food there is just great. So I'm going to be eating there a lot more often from now on. I'm really looking forward to the next time. I might even order something home so that I have some of the food here at home incase I should get hungry. But it would be really awesome if I learned how to cook this myself. That would really be amazing. Then I could cook it everyday!

We are working together.

My friend is so happy. She was looking for a job and she asked me a few weeks ago if I knew something for her. And I did because a few days before she asked me my boss asked me if I could make more hours. And although I would like to make more hours, my joint problems make it impossible for me to work more hours. I suggested that I will work about 3 hours more each week and maybe my friend can work the other hours. My friend contacted my boss and just a few minutes ago she ...